For quite a span of time, Ecron is primarily into supplying and installing solar agricultural pump sets. Ecron is a system integrator and a solution provider in the field of solar energy. Today, as empanelled suppliers of APSPDCL and NREDCAP in Andhra Pradesh, Ecron is journeying beyond just this solar sector. Factually, Ecron is all geared up for assembling and installing by fetching considerably big deals from vendors, rather than manufacturing equipment in-house.

Founder Divya Dokka

Relinquishing the mundane, Divya Dokka was not chained to the rhythm after her completion of engineering. She embarked on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship, collaborated with her close friends and associates, and created their genesis in the business of trading and supplying solar energy products and equipment.
The market can poise to possess a sharp-edge competition, but with grit and determination, Divya Dokka wishes to provide quality solutions in the field of energy and infrastructure.


Ecron is endeavoring to lead not only in renewable energy, but is also all geared up to poise as stiff contenders in other industrial and commercial sectors, playing with both giant and medium players by submitting tenders for relevant realms of business. By and large, Ecron is sincerely into supplying and installing with tenders, other than just renewable energy. Unequivocally, in the contemporary times, global warming and energy requirement tend to be challenging issues, when the only substitute emerges to be renewable energy: harnessing solar, wind, biogas energies, et al.
Distributed Energy Products
We design and deploy distributed energy resources to meet your gird service needs.
solar roof top system
Then, Ecron supplies solar roof top system, wherein grid-tied systems are connected to the electrical grid to allow usage of solar energy and also electricity from the grid.
Solar lamp
Solar lamp or lantern is a lighting system that operates on electricity derived from batteries that are charged through the use of photovoltaic panel.
Solar street lights
Solar street lights are also supplied by Ecron: standalone solar photovoltaic street lighting system is an outdoor lighting unit to illuminate an open area or a street.
solar agriculture pump set
Solar energy stands out conspicuously as abundant, free and easy to harness. With these attributes of solar energy, Ecron has been relentlessly supplying products viz. solar agriculture pump set which is a typical solar water pumping set known by the sum total of solar array size that is required to run the attached pump.
Solar water heating systems
Solar water heating systems are available from 100 LPD to higher capacities in multiples of 100 at 60ºC & 80ºC. The cost of solar water heating system for installed capacity is very economical. One 100 LPD capacity solar water heating system can save 1,500 units of electrical energy per annum or 265 kgs of LPG per annum.s
Solar dryers
Solar dryers can be utilized for drying fruits, vegetables, and fish. And for industrial applications, as well. For instance, tea leaves drying, timber curing, and similar. Drying takes place in closed compartments and the process is most hygienic and adds value to these products. Different models or capacities are available to suit the customer requirements.
solar cookers
Different types of solar cookers cater the cooking needs. Box type solar cooker, dish solar cooker and solar steam generating systems. Solar steam generating systems have been installed for institutions to meet the cooking needs of large community.
Ecron has successfully installed and has been maintaining 5HP AC SPV water pumping systems in Andhra Pradesh,
a tender obtained to supply 30 of them by APSPDCL.
*Registered with MSME Udyog Aadhar
GST number of Ecron is 37AXPPD4920J1Z9Entailed to these products, Ecron supplies solar photovoltaic modules which are eco-friendly and highly durable, solar DC home lighting systems which are again eco-friendly and has a minimal maintenance cost.